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Welcome to Evensong Pomeranians.  My husband and I live in St. Helens, Oregon, amidst the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the rain it brings.  I'm a retired Longshorewoman, and Kevin owns a printing and supply business.   On weekends you can usually find us at a dog show or just hanging out on our ten acres.  We have four children, Heather, Jenna, Daniel, and Jeff, plus several beautiful Pomeranians.  We also have five wonderful grandchildren, Zachary, Althea, Christian, Brexten, and Bailey.

Pomeranians have been a part of our lives for the past seventeen years.  Our love for this breed started with one dog, a black and tan female, named Baby.  Even though she weighed 15 pounds and wasn't registered, her loyalty and love gave her a permanent place in our home and lives. And after 16 short years, she is forever in our hearts. May she rest in peace.

The decision to head to the show ring came about when we purchased a blue and tan female from a breeder in Portland.  She did well in her first competition as a young puppy, but she failed to produce a proper coat.  She also had some minor faults that didn't make her an "ideal" candidate for the ring.  Because we were new to the Pom breed, we didn't completely understand her faults.  Poms come in many different varieties, including size, body types, head types, colors, etc., and it took time to learn what type was preferred for showing. Over the years, we've also discovered that type can change, so breeding plans may have to change to continue to be competitive in the show ring.

Our goal in breeding is to achieve the standard of the "ideal" Pomeranian as set forth by the American Pomeranian Club and the American Kennel Club.  We interpret the standard as we understand it. Our preference is to produce Pomeranians that are structurally sound with good movement and nice type.  We finished our first champion in 2004, and we started our own bred-by's in 2005.  Our first home-bred champion finished in June of 2006 from the bred-by classes. He also became our first bred-by multi group placer and best in specialty show winner. BISS Champion Evensong's Win N For Z Gipper, AOM, "Ronald."

We have learned a great deal about the breed since we started showing. Continuing to study the standard, reading pedigrees, listening and talking to other show breeders, attending seminars, and reading articles and books have helped us a lot. As well as plenty of hands-on experience. Our knowledge has helped us to remain competitive exhibitors in the ring with several of our Poms finishing from the bred-by class, garnering best of breed and group placements, even winning at the specialty shows. You can see our finished bred-bys on our Champions page.

We finished a nice black and tan boy, CH Park Avenues Tuff Chance, "Harley," who was bred by Tom Wilson of Park Avenue Pomeranians, and who is being used as an outcross to bring in new blood. And new blood he has given us indeed, with 2 black and tan girls from one litter. GCH Evensong's Tuff Girls Can Dream, owned and shown by Nordic Vision Pomeranians. This little girl, "Maress," is competing right now for her Lure Coursing title with two legs to go. The other girl has a big title: BIS BOSS BISBBE GCHB CH Evensong's Dream On Bytches, HOF. CH Gwyn honored us by winning our first all breed best in show in Yakima, WA, in 2016. She earned her way into the APC Hall of Fame with that win. She also won a Bred-by Exhibitor best in show last year and finished 2016 as the number one all breed Pomeranian bitch. In 2017 Gwyn went on to win back to back best of opposite sex in specialty adding yet another title to her name. She also finished the year as a new bronze grand champion. We couldn't be prouder of this girl. CH Gwyn also competed at the 2016 AKC National Championships in Florida in December 2016, and won Best Bred-by and an Award of Merit under esteemed judge, Mr. Edd Bivin. I should add, too, that CH Harley won back to back specialty shows in 2015, and he was an APC Top Twenty Pom that year. CH Harley is pictured on our home page.

We breed about two to four litters a year.  Our puppies are evaluated at 8 to 10 weeks, and we will hold back the puppies we think may turn out for us to show. Providing we can't keep them all, we will occasionally have an available puppy or adult for sale.  These will generally be the Poms that we feel do not quite meet the goals we are trying to achieve for our program, but it does not mean that they are not of good quality.  Adults are generally those that are being retired and who need more interaction then we can give them. Please visit our available page for puppies and or adults.

I, Teresa, am a member of the American Pomeranian Club, and am a volunteer on the APC Breed Advisory Committee. I also moderate three lists on Facebook titled, "AKC Pomeranians," and "AKC Black, Chocolate, or Blue and Tan Pomeranians," and "Pomeranian Health Forum A-Z." If you are on FB, you can find me, Teresa White, by my name, or under Evensong Pomeranians.

On a final note, our Pomeranians are probably some of the most "spoiled" and well-loved dogs in our area!  This will never change, no matter what.  They are well socialized, they travel with us to shows, etc., go to work with Kevin as weather permits, and sleep with us.  Well, they take turns sleeping with us.  :)

We hope you enjoy visiting our Web site!  Please come back again.  If you have any comments regarding our site, they can be sent to Evensong Pomeranians.  We'd love to hear from you! 

Teresa and Kevin White
Evensong Pomeranians

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